We wouldn’t want to charging people travel fees. However, without them we’d really struggle to make some shoots worth our time.
Travel fees help pay for our time and the costs associated with commuting/traveling such as car repairs, gas, flights, hotels, and so on.

Travel Fee Radius From Where We Live (up to 300 miles round trip)🚗.
How much should we charge to drive a few hours outside my place?
- There will be no travel fees when I need to travel within 40 miles (round trip). Any mileage over 40 is billed at $0.9/mile
     Example scenario -
     200 miles - 40 miles = 160 miles x $0.9/mile = $144
- Round trip would end up being 300 miles.
Destination that requires longer distance than 300 miles requires more customization for our travel fees to compensate for lodging, food.
     Lodging: $200
     meal stipend: $20/meal
- Parking fee: Parking and other reasonable costs necessery to the performances of these services.


Travel Fee Far Far Away From Where We Live ✈️
Beside working on the wedding day (engagement, prewedding, portrait session), we also need our time compensated for flying a day before and after.
We need to be compensated for the time we have to take off work in order to travel to that destination.
We’ll look up the current airfare prices, local lodging, car rental, etc.
And give you estimate for what we think those travel costs will be.
1. Flat rate for the day BEFORE & AFTER the photoshoot:
     - Flat rate for weekdays $100 / day / main shooter (second shooter $50 if applicable)
     - Flat rate for weekends $200 / day / main shooter (second shooter $100 if applicable)
2. Airfare ( for our team and all check baggage)
3. Hotel (at least 2 nights)
4. Car rental
5. Parking fee
6. Gas
7. Meal stipend ($20/meal/person)
8. Taxi/Uber/Lift


We can drive to that destination by rental car 🚕 up to 1000 miles round trip, plus the fees above from 1 to 8 (#2 excluded) 
As a general rule, we require all travel payments to be made upfront before we do any traveling.
This is critically important for us so we are taken seriously, and so we have costs associated with traveling already covered before we get in our car and drive for hours and hours, or in longer distance situations – step foot on an airplane. We hope you understand and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.
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